What’s Stormy Daniels Up To Lately?


What’s Stormy Daniels Up To Lately?Stormy Daniels Urb

After being turned down by the Supreme Court Stormy Daniels’ pursuit to hold Donald J. Trump accountable might have failed for now, but the legendary porn star is full of energy and plans for the future. Her busy schedule and the many projects in her pipeline show her versatile brand appeal and reveal a smart businesswoman, still at the height of her career – though no longer as an active porn actress.

VENUS star Stormy Daniels has a long career in adult entertainment under her belt. Her brand became globally known through the scandal that overshadowed the tumultuous and highly controversial presidency of Donald J. Trump. And while she lost several cases in the courts, she won the hearts and minds of the public globally and can now enjoy huge brand recognition even though her last porn movie in front of a camera has been shot a few years ago.

Urb CBD oil by Stormy Daniels
Urb by Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels is now venturing into licensing her name to CBD products. The performer launched a lubricant that’s infused with CBD oil under the brand name TeamXOXO and it became so successful that it is already out of stock.

That’s why Stormy is of course broadening her portfolio in the industry. She announced on Twitter: »Who will test my CBD pre-rolls & give me an HONEST opinion? I’m launching 2 of our new products & giving them out at cost. Go to http://teamxoxo.com & use promo code TWITTER for $3 2pack pre-rolls. I’m only offering this for next 2 days. What CBD product should I release next?«

While many states in the US have already legalized cannabis, the CBD products pushed by Stormy Daniels are not supposed to get users high. Next to these product launches Stormy Daniels is also working on different projects within mainstream media. In a separate Tweet, she said: »I haven’t done porn in 3 years but get offers daily. Instead, I have been busy being successful at other stuff… like being an author, standup comic, horror movie director, filming a TV show, speaking at Oxford, doing http://Teamxoxo.com CBD & making trolls like you look dumb.«

Aside from that, there is also a comic book series featuring the actress likeness called Stormy Daniels Space Force, a TV show called »Spooky Babes« which is still in production and a horror movie scheduled to be released in 2022 called »Axe Grind«.

Spooky Babes is a reality-TV-series about haunted houses and buildings that have been crime scenes of famous murders. They visit several »haunted houses« in Georgia and the Carolinas, including, according to XBIZ, »The Conjuring House, Villisca Axe Murder House, Salem, Sallie House, Beattie Mansion, Vaile Mansion, Malvern Manor, and even the house where Lizzie Borden (the axe murderer, not the porn star) gave her victim 40 whacks.«

So while her career as a porn actress probably has ended for good, fans of the hot blonde will be able to enjoy her for years to come.

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