Industry Veteran Coyote Amrich Launches New Collaborative Consulting Venture


Coyote Amrich, one of the industry’s most recognizable names, has announced the launch of her new venture, A Million Ways LLC. A multi-faceted consulting firm, A Million Ways will serve the diverse needs of mainstream and sexual wellness businesses alike.

Following the October 2021 departure from her role as Director of Purchasing at Good Vibrations, Coyote worked to develop a range of advisory offerings that call upon 20-plus years of industry experience. Combining sales, marketing, and product development knowledge with a seemingly endless collection of resources and relationships, A Million Ways stands to benefit clients of all sizes.

A major component of the new venture is the cooperative integration with business and logistics experts STEME360. Founded as STEME, the firm has helped countless clients’ transition from home-based businesses to fully realized brands with global presence. Recognizing the power of this integration, Amrich sees an opportunity to positively impact the market one client at a time.

“This industry has always represented much more than a job to me,” Amrich states. “This is my home, and these are my people. I’m beyond excited to take this step forward and share everything I’ve learned with folks I love to work with.”

Offering variable length contracts, A Million Ways Consulting is currently collaborating with several brands and will begin developing customized action plans for new clients in January 2022. Thanks to its unrivaled agility, versatility, and experience, the platform will be able to provide services ranging from marketing to branding to logistics.

Brands and businesses interested in learning more about working with A Million Ways Consulting should contact Coyote Amrich at

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