Lust and Love is an Estonian based company


Early years

Bioconcept Baltics, owner of the Lust and Love brand, was founded in 2005. The company is run from Estonia, but our brands vary from all over the world. Bioconcept is a family-owned business, ran by two owners Jan and Marina. They saw an opportunity to bring new ideas and products to the market and wanted to expand on that.  

In the beginning, the company was focused more on health products, specifically food supplements. Bioconcept widened their variety in 2008 to more adult-specific products, starting with Viamax. After visiting different exhibitions, they started cooperating with YESforLOV, and are still in close partnership to this day. Bioconcept has started working with numerous different brands from there on out, always being on the lookout for new and interesting items. 

Conversation with Jan and Marina

-What makes Bioconcept different?

Bioconcept focuses on every client we partner with. There are no automatic emails and everything we do, we do personally. We love meeting with all our partners at exhibitions and privately, just to chat and catch up. 

We can guarantee the best products on the market since we always make sure the companies we partner with providing high-quality items before buying anything. We prefer things that are unique and intriguing, so everyone may find something they want from us. 

-What have been the biggest hurdles so far?

The hardest part is making new connections with people. There are so many

new products on an already crowded market, so trying to stand out and make yourself seen can sometimes be a real task. Being from a small country such as Estonia also has some challenges. 

-Your favorite memories?

For Jan, his favorite moment was one of the first ad campaigns Bioconcept created. It was shown all across town, and it was extremely cool to see it everywhere.

Marina enjoys connecting with her suppliers and having face-to-face conversations with them. It makes a significant impact when I form genuine relationships with the people I work with.

Marina says just coming to work and having fun with people working with them, is awesome by itself. 

-Where next? 

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where to go next. We feel like we’re definitely on the right track, so we plan to keep doing what we’re already doing. The market is growing with each day, so who knows what will happen in the future. 

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