Orion is putting out the vibe


(Note: This story appears in the October 2021 issue of Storerotica Magazine)

Orion’s vibepad may look unassuming, but its design is turning heads and stimulating bodies.

If the motto for Orion’s vibepad is simple — “Sit on it, turn it on, and enjoy” — it’s because all the thought has been injected into the product’s design. The mouse-pad-looking vibepad is a remote-controlled cushion adapted to a woman’s anatomy for maximum pleasure and minimal distraction.

Björn Radcke, Orion’s head of B2B sales and marketing.

“The specially designed waves in the center of the pad are perfectly adapted to the female anatomy around the clitoris, vulva, perineum and anus,” says Björn Radcke, Orion’s head of B2B sales and marketing. “Therefore, they’re able to make spot-on stimulation possible.”

Stimulation is dictated by hip movement, while having the hands free allows for additional stimulation elsewhere. The vibepad’s remote control adjusts the vibration intensity.

The vibepad also features seven vibration modes, two motors and two anatomically shaped waves. It has a complete length of 11.4 inches, a width of 8.14 inches and has a peak height of 1.65 inches.

As the product’s description goes on to boast, “The vibepad is extremely easy to use and very intuitive: it only has to be placed on a chair and can then be enjoyed.”

SE Magazine spoke with Radcke about the vibepad’s development and how it has become one of Orion’s staple products, and one that’s enjoyed a nomination for the 2022 German Design Award.

SE: What makes the vibepad one of Orion’s best-sellers?
Björn: The vibepad is a sexual wellness product that creates a completely new kind of external stimulation thanks to its extraordinary design. This unique selling point, its effectiveness in use and its high-quality workmanship have certainly made the vibepad one of our top sellers.

SE: What was the original inspiration for the vibepad? How long between original thought and final product introduction?
Björn: At Orion, we are a team of product developers who are constantly looking for ideas for new products and innovations. For this purpose we also like to sit together with inventors and product testers. This is how the ladies from this project group in particular wanted to design a sex toy that didn’t necessary look like a toy, that provided external stimulation (vaginal and anal stimulation), but which didn’t penetrate the body, and which also let the user have their hands free. From this idea, the vibepad was developed. It took about 18 months from the first idea to the finished product.

“The Vibepad is an enrichment for every assortment. For the optimal presentation at the point of sale, we offer attention-grabbing retail kits. These include a tester, a stool as a display and informative leaflets.” — Björn Radcke

SE: Talk about what went into the design of the vibepad as that seems to be one of its major selling points (for example, making it remote controlled, hands-free, building off 3D prints, etc.).
Björn: We came up with the idea of developing a love toy for external stimulation that you can sit on, switch and enjoy, and have hands free for other things. The first prototypes of the vibepad came from our own 3D printer and we then repeatedly optimized the shape with further 3D models based on the suggestions of our internal and external product testers. After a long development process, the vibepad was created. It quickly became a best-seller and has now received further recognition as a nominee for the 2022 German Design Award.

SE: What did it mean to have the vibepad nominated for the German Design Award — how much does that reaffirm the belief in your product?
Björn: We are incredibly proud to be nominated for the 2022 German Design Award! The German Design Award is one of the most recognized international design awards for product and communication design and it has been presented annually by the German Design Council since 2011. The vibepad has been nominated for the “Excellent Product Design” category. The winner will be announced in October 2021.

SE: How do you advise retailers merchandise the vibepad?
Björn: The vibepad is an enrichment for every assortment. For the optimal presentation at the point of sale, we offer attention-grabbing retail kits. These include a tester, a stool as a display and informative leaflets.

SE: Who was the vibepad originally intended for when it was devised?
Björn: We developed it primarily for women, although we noticed during testing that it also makes men feel good when used. Also, people with a disability have told us that the vibepad is an enrichment for their sex life.

SE: As an Orion best-seller, what kind of consumer feedback have you received surrounding the vibepad?
Björn: We have received consistently positive feedback from our customers. Women were especially enthusiastic about this new kind of stimulation and the extraordinary design. But of course we want to keep developing our products. That’s why, coming soon, there will be a vibepad 2.0.

SE: How does the vibepad fit with the other products in Orion’s product portfolio?
Björn: The vibepad enriches our product portfolio substantially. Orion wholesale has a large selection of our own labels and products, especially in the lingerie and sex toys categories, which are well known all over the world and stand for a successful, sustainable strategy, which has the necessary tactfulness for the erotic industry. Retailers and customers trust in this know-how and benefit from the variety of products and labels that are high-quality and have brand recognition.

SE: Who can interested retailers contact if they would like to include the vibepad in their product range?
Björn: Interested retailers can contact the Orion Wholesale team directly at Orion-wholesale.com or via email at wholesale@Orion.de. We were also able to claim wholesale distributor Entrenue as a partner for the vibepad for the US market, which we are very proud of.

For more information, visit orion-wholesale.com or via email wholesale@orion.de.

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