Pipedream’s PDX Elite additions will blow their minds!


(Note: This cover story appears in the October 2021 issue of Storerotica Magazine)

Pipedream Products unveils the new technology behind their revolutionary Fuck-O-Matic and Fap-O-Matic strokers, along with custom, QR-code-based live-action videos that will take merchandising to an entirely new level.

When Rob Phaneuf played the Vimeo video teasing the PDX Elite Fuck-O-Matic from Pipedream Products at the most recent ANME Founders Show, the audience whooped and hollered.

Some even fell out of their Zoom-screen frames.

“This thing really blew people away when they saw it,” Phaneuf recalls.

The Fuck-O-Matic is part of a slew of new PDX Elite high-tech, “revolutionary” strokers also including the Fap-O-Matic, the Ultimate Milker 2, and the ViewTube.

“I don’t mean revolutionary in what they do, revolutionary in that they’re game-changers,” says Phaneuf.

The Fuck-O-Matic is a realistic pussy stroker that also addresses balls. Users slide their penis into the stroker and beneath the stroker’s pussy lips is a removable TPE sleeve lined with satisfying textures that creates a snug sensation. Users can subsequently rest their balls on the vibrating, flexible, tongue-shaped ball cradler. The soft cradle is made of Elite Silicone and has rows of textured ticklers that massage and caress him.

The Fuck-O-Matic also features two strategically placed vibrating motors — one at the base of the sleeve and the other within the cradle.

“Embedded in the face of the sleeve is an oversized vibration motor that transfers powerful stimulation up through the sleeve surrounding your cock in happiness,” touts the Vimeo video.

Users can control both vibrating motors simultaneously by pressing one of the two buttons on the device, and can cycle through 10 escalating patterns of stimulation. With each suck and release cycle, the Fuck-O-Matic Intermittent Suction Technology (IST) pulls the penis inside the textured sleeve. Another button cycles through five different modes of sucking satisfaction. “Sucking will never be the same” exclaims the narrator before the video fades to black.

“One of the things that’s really cool about this is that everyone always forgets about the balls,” says Phaneuf. “All of these strokers, everything out there, always focuses on pleasure on the shaft. This silicone thing acts as a ball cradle which allows for use in all different types of positions and underneath, there’s those tiny ticklers and there’s a powerful, rumbly bullet embedded inside. The Fuck-O-Matic is literally doing it all on its own — complete hands-free stroking. Not only does it suck, because everybody has things that suck, but this thing’s going to blow the air back out and that’s what we call the Intermittent Suction Technology (IST).

“In the old days, to have an item do what the Fuck-O-Matic did, you would need hoses, an external pump, probably plug-in power,” Phaneuf adds. “Now it’s in a hand-held, rechargeable, lightweight version.”

The Fap-O-Matic is the PG-13 version of the Fuck-O-Matic: a white TPE donut, sans the vibrating silicone tongue. It may not be quite as nuanced, but it’s just as inviting.

“Anybody with a penis can use it,” says Phaneuf.

“Everyone’s always told us we have the best videos out there — I can tell a story all I want, but nothing tells a story better than watching those videos. Now, because QR codes have become so popular since COVID (in large part due to the food industry), people are embracing these.”
— Rob Phaneuf on Pipedream’s new product videos

The best part of the Fap-O-Matic — Phaneuf demonstrates holding up the device during a Zoom call — is its simple, clean design. No tubes. No hoses. No wires. Completely hands-free.

“They’re really unlike anything out there,” says Phaneuf about the “O-Matic” toys. “People have seen suction stuff, but the fact that even inside this thing there are no internal components. A lot of times there are a lot of moving parts in these strokers and they break easily because so fall those parts on the inside. Using this IST Kristian (Broms, Chief Design Officer for Pipedream Products) came up with, there’s a suck and a blow. We’re using two motors and some cool stuff inside built to make these things last.”

While the Fuck- and Fap-O-Matic may be the “headliners,” the Ultimate Milker 2 takes a back seat to no toy. In fact, in the PDX Elite line, two out of the top-five sellers are Milkers — like the ass-twerking, Rolls-Royce-of-high-tech-strokers, Milk Me Silly (the “car wash for your cock,” as Phaneuf puts it).

The Ultimate Milker 2 boasts Milker Masturbation Technology, designed to surround the shaft with vibration and gyratory stimulation. The Ultimate Milker 2 also packs lusty, breathy moans.

“This is all about sensory overload, because you get the visual show, you get the audio show and then, of course, you get the crazy milking, gyrating sensation that really nothing else does,” says Phaneuf. Like previous Milker iterations, the Ultimate Milker 2 includes a suction cup which can be utilized as a shower mount, as well as an aid for people with disabilities. Unlike other Milker models, the Ultimate Milker 2 does not have a speaker on the outside, instead opting for a 3.5-millimeter audio jack (earbuds included) so users can tune in or out of the auditory experience.

Seeing is definitely believing
If these new roll-outs from Pipedream have a common denominator, it’s their incorporation of daring technology to maximize pleasure for the widest possible audience. The innovative tech doesn’t stop with the toys, either. Pipedream has upped the ante when it comes to the packaging itself. All three products will feature QR codes (pictured in this story) on the packaging that, when scanned, will direct customers to the very Vimeo product videos Phaneuf wowed industry insiders with in July.

“Everyone’s always told us we have the best videos out there — I can tell a story all I want, but nothing tells a story better than watching those videos,” says Phaneuf, noting that these new videos are a long way from the days of digital frame and SD-card giveaways. “Now, because QR codes have become so popular since COVID (in large part due to the food industry), people are embracing these.”

“We’re doing this as a marketing push for all of our high-tech items,” adds Broms, noting how commonplace QR code scanners are now that they are native to Android phones and iPhones. “Especially these items that are male-centric, guys can be uncomfortable going up to a clerk and asking how an item works. Now, they can be in the store, grab it off the wall, and practically try it before they buy it. It’s a great sales tool for retail stores.”

“In the old days, to have an item do what the Fuck-O-Matic did, you would need hoses, an external pump, probably plug-in power. Now it’s in a hand-held, rechargeable, lightweight version.” — Rob Phaneuf

Broms also points out that Pipedream Products has previously featured QR codes that would take users to a product detail page. But in keeping pace with its technological flourishes, the QR codes are now revealing live-action videos.

As if interactive advertising wasn’t enough, voyeurism itself can provide a powerful allure for adult pleasure products. After all, everyone likes to watch. Pipedream is bringing that mantra to life with its new PDX Elite ViewTube, where the cock is the star of the show.

ViewTube is a see-through stroker with air-suction control, or as Broms says, “a regular ‘can’ stroker with a Pipedream twist.”

The clear-view case and the transparent sleeve gives users a front-row seat to all the throbbing, pulsing and stroking action. “It’s a great item and we know those canned or cupped strokers have been doing extremely well for quite a while,” says Phaneuf.

It’s no secret that adult pleasure tech is progressing at breakneck speeds. While updates to pleasure products may not come as frequently as, say phone app updates, Broms and Co. are harnessing technology to push the envelope as well as enhance existing products.

“When people think ‘tech,’ they think apps,” says Phaneuf. “But you can also use technology to improve the quality of products and their components. I think we’ve done a really good job of that.”

“We’re working on really some high-tech stuff right now,” adds Broms. “It’s light years from where things were even five years ago. It’s definitely heading in a new direction.”

While imbuing new and extant products with the latest and greatest tech is a chief aim, Pipedream knows the key to successful product launches is listening to and knowing its audience.

“We’re always looking to improve existing products to make them better, but especially implement that feedback into new releases and make sure we’re listening,” Broms says. “That’s the only way you can really improve the product and understand what makes certain people tick or certain products work and incorporate that into the next generation of products. As far as we’ve come and as proud as we are of these products, the stuff that’s coming down the pipeline is going to make these things look Ford Model Ts next to a Tesla Model S.”

For more information, visit pipedreamproducts.com.

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