Special Focus Cover: Blush is all hopped up!


(Note: This story appears in the June 2021 issue of SE Magazine)

Blush Novelties adds to its impressive product repertoire with the brand new, rabbit-meets-air-pressure stimulator, Hop Oh Bunny.

Few innovations have gripped the world of erotic retail quite like the one ushered in approximately five years ago — specifically, air-pressure clitoral stimulators. Only time will tell if these products achieve the “legendary” status bestowed upon the “Rabbit” and the “Magic Wand,” but there’s little doubt that air-pressure toys are among the most sought-after in stores across the US.

Not surprisingly, a number of industry toy manufacturers have attempted their own version of air-pressure stimulation. And one company that’s done a great job of putting their own spin on it, while also producing a very high-quality product, is Blush Novelties. They’ve recently released their brand new Hop Oh Bunny, an air-pulse clitoral stimulator mounted on a fully flexible stem to accommodate all bodies.

“Certainly, air pulsation has become the new popular form of stimulation for that part of the body,” says Nancy Cosimini, sales manager for Blush Novelties. “Blush’s goal was to develop something new and exciting with air pulsation.”

The Hop Oh Bunny is Blush’s second air-driven pleasure product, after their Lush Iris, an air-pulse clitoral stimulator and G-spot thruster.

“Eric (Lee, chief innovation officer for Blush Novelties) came up with the idea of offering the flexible arm on the Oh Bunny,” Cosimini says. They first showed off the Oh Bunny in early 2020 but plans for its release were put on hold following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The response to Oh Bunny has been really awesome because of the flexibility,” Cosimini adds. “Oh Bunny offers a little bit more oomph than the Iris.”

“Having the adjustable clitoral air-pulse arm provides an opportunity for the person using it to adjust the pleasure to better fit their unique body. This allows for versatility with the toy that many rabbits do not have and an opportunity for a wider base of users to delight in the sensations.” — Nancy Cosimini

And it shows, as Blush Novelties’s website has already sold out of the Oh Bunny at press time — but rest assured, restocking is already underway.

Users could love either the 10 vibrating functions and/or 10 air-pulsation functions with independent controls on the Oh Bunny.

Or, it could be the clitoral air-pulsating stimulator courtesy of the long, flexible arm. This gives the user the ability to continue to have the clitoris stimulated while thrusting, unlike with a typical “rabbit” vibe where clitoral stimulation moves in concert with the shaft. If someone wants to stop the clitoral stimulation, they simply have to easily bend the arm back and just have the usage of a G-spot shaft.

“Air-driven tech provides another pleasure avenue for users,” says Cosimini. “Instead of the direct contact of vibration or insertion, it provides a ‘no touch’ sensation that is still incredibly powerful and pleasurable.”

A bunny for every body
It’s a given that bodies are different. As such, a toy that may “fit” one person may not fit as snuggly with another body type. In addition to the sensation air pulsation provides, the Oh Bunny is noteworthy for its adaptability.

“Having the adjustable clitoral air-pulse arm provides an opportunity for the person using it to adjust the pleasure to better fit their unique body,” says Cosimini. “This allows for versatility with the toy that many rabbits do not have and an opportunity for a wider base of users to delight in the sensations.”

A “wider base of users,” not surprisingly, can translate to wider profit margins. Additionally, an uptick in health and wellness awareness among adult toy consumers — reflected in everything from terminology to sales to brand philosophy — is what has people hopping to get their hands on Oh Bunny.

“Intimacy products have become validated and everybody really understands the importance of them today,” Cosimini says. “Those producing products understand we need to take these products seriously with body-safe materials and understanding different people have different needs.”

Some of those needs are medically induced: think cancer patients or veterans. For some, whose bodies have been desensitized, air pulsation can provide an alternative to the direct stimulation of a traditional vibe.

“I think it’s so awesome that people are willing to talk now and say, ‘This is what I need,’” Cosimini observes. “I can remember going into stores and buying vibrators, and customers had their coat over their head because they were embarrassed and just grabbing something off the wall.

“Now people are going in and expressing the needs, talking about their bodies,” she continues. “It’s amazing! So, I think it’s important to have the different products that cater to all of this.”

And, oh, does Oh Bunny cater to different needs, whether it’s the G-spot shaft with deep, rumbling vibration, to the air-pulse technology, to independent motors, to 20 total functions for users to explore. It’s air-pressure stimulation and yet so much more.

“(Air-driven tech) has proved its popularity,” says Cosimini. “I can only imagine that companies are going to continue to look at ways to utilize this for basic pleasure. It’s proven to be a powerful means of pleasure in one area and I’m sure people are looking at how else to utilize this. It’s the evolution of enhancing sensation to be more pleasurable.”

For more information, visit blushlove.com.

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