Sutil lubes and the differences between them


A good lube is the start of good sex. Having a high-quality lube makes things more pleasant for everyone. Water-based lubes are the first choice for many because they’re easy to clean, have no residue, and are safe to use with toys and condoms. But a big problem that comes with lots of lubes on the market is the same: dryness. It’s not a good time if you have to reapply lube every few minutes. Dryness may also lead to damage to the vaginal walls. That’s where Sutil lubes come in to bring you some well-earned pleasure. 

Who’s behind Sutil

Mellta Swift and Nathanda Swift are two sisters, who in 1989 started a small company that first started manufacturing Spa treatment products, such as massage oils, creams, and lotions. The notion of being paraben-free, glycerine-free, and harsh chemical-free is not just the company’s trademark, but a mission and their philosophy ever since the beginning. They believe that lubes should be as simple and natural as possible, and not include harsh chemicals. Everything they do is safe for both you and the environment, including all the biodegradable packaging and ecologically sourced ingredients.  

Why Sutil

Sutil offers something innovative – a water-based lube that doesn’t dry out and lets you have fun for longer thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid in them. Their lubes are silky and rich on the skin, giving you a pleasant experience every time you use them. With three different options, it’s easy to pick out the one you’ll enjoy the most. 

Sutil Luxe 

Sutil Luxe is the original lightweight formula lube. Water-based and containing healing properties, it’s perfect for anyone who wants some silky feeling lubrication while keeping things lightweight and not having to worry about it disappearing. Its consistency is watery, whilst not dripping too much. With a pH level of 4.5, it’s perfect for vaginal use, but can also be enjoyed with sex toys, anally, or as a personal moisturizer.  

Sutil Rich

Unlike Sutil Luxe that’s meant to be barely noticeable, Sutil Rich is there to be felt. It has a rich consistency, being almost gel-like. Perfect for people who enjoy the heavy feeling. Designed to be used when some extra slip & slide is needed, it’s perfect for anal sex or during menopausal when extra moisturizer is needed. With a pH level of 6, it’s optimal with use for the anus, but it’s also in the normal range for a vagina. It’s a great choice for every situation, including solo, toys, or with a partner. 

Sutil Pure

Sutil Pure helps to stimulate blood flow and is suitable even for sensitive skin. It’s enriched with Horny Goat Weed, Jujube Zizyphus, and Siberian Ginseng making it extra slippery, long-lasting, and non-sticky. It can safely be used with toys and condoms. It has a pH level of 4.5, so it’s safe for both vaginal use and anal use. 

Which one is for me?

All Sutil lubes are a good choice, but we recommend you make the choice based on your body. You can find a wide variety of Sutil lubes on our store

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