Swiss Navy Shares Five Ways Autumn Improves Love Life


September 22 is the first day of fall. Astronomically speaking, the September equinox is the autumnal, or fall, equinox marking the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

This time of year brings shorter days, lower temperatures, and, interestingly, improvements to love lives.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our products,” says Briana Watkins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for M.D. Science Lab. “And keeping an eye on research, even studies that monitor bodily reactions to the seasons, is just one way our Swiss Navy product development team can continue to create products that people need.”

Most people are familiar with ‘Spring Flings’ and may feel like that season is the most romantic. But plenty of research has found that autumn may be the most frisky and fertile.

“Our research discovered so many ways autumn affects a person’s intimacy,” says Dr. Sunny Rodgers, M.D. Science Lab’s Intimate Health Advisor. “We thought it would be fun to share five ways that may interest people.”

5 Ways Autumn Improves Love Lives:

  1. Libidos are more active than any other time of the year. Studies show our levels of testosterone are higher in the autumn months.
  1. Relationships become emotionally warmer. Researchers found sharing a warm drink during chilly autumn can help make us feel more physically connected.
  1. More singles become engaged or start a new relationship in the fall season.
  1. Research has found male attraction to female bodies changes seasonally, with men feeling women appear more attractive in autumn.
  1. Fall makes men more fertile. Just like the abundant harvests of the season, sperm concentration is at its highest in late autumn.

Swiss Navy encourages everyone to enjoy the upcoming fall season and to keep a lookout for new products currently in development.

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