Voodoo Toys Unveils PRIDE Merchandise Collaboration supporting Black creatives


Voodoo Toys today releases a new collection of limited edition sex-positive merchandise in time for Pride Month, in collaboration with Los Angeles based designer Unlikely Fox (who’s name is Krysta Grasso, but goes by Fox). Fox is a talented mixed media artist who creates pieces which move the social conversation forward and exude unapologetic divine feminine energy.

All profits from the Unlikely Fox and Voodoo collaboration go directly to support both Fox’s work and the LA Black Workers Center (https://www.lablackworkercenter.org/) whose mission is to increase access to quality jobs, reduce employment discrimination, and improve industries that employ Black workers through action and unionization.

Fox has created three limited edition hand-embroidered tote bags for Voodoo emblazoned with the sayings ‘Don’t Hate, Masturbate’, ‘Pride In Pleasure’ and ‘I Cum First’. Her design process was captured in images by Cara Taylor, a local LA content creator. The designs have been reproduced in screen printed designs applied to T-shirts, tote bags and caps for people to purchase online at shop.voodoo.toys.

“This collaboration is rooted in love and expression. Equal opportunity and representation is a vital step in the process of including Black creatives in every space,” says Voodoo’s content creation manager Aspen Spellman.

Fox’s works captures the eye through three dimensional color and texture, appearing to literally come to life as they cascade off their canvas. Fox uses phrases that exude unapologetic divine feminine energy one stitch at a time. Her work was first discovered by Spellman at the Los Angeles Reparations Club, a marketplace located in mid-city. The Reparations Club is a store and creative space curated by Black people for Black people.

Make your own donation to the Los Angeles Black Workers Center please visit https://www.lablackworkercenter.org/join_support

Read the interview with Unlikely Fox and purchase your own here: www.voodoo.toys/unlikely-fox-voodoo

Follow Krysta (@unlikely.fox) and Cara (@caraelisetaylorr) to support their work.

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