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Welcome to the Nalpac EDU blog! 

Nalpac is an award-winning pleasure products distributor of over 50 years. Since 1971, Nalpac has supplied North American adult novelty retailers with exceptional services and support. 

Education and communication are crucial components of that support. That’s why we’ve partnered with StorErotica to bring you exclusive content that explores insights into adult retail support, as well as keep you updated on all things Nalpac. 

As a distributor, we exist to assist our customers in performing and growing to the best of their abilities. Nalpac’s areas of service include: 

Retailer resources – Nalpac applies over 50 years of strong customer relations to retail support. We are happy to facilitate virtual and in-person sales training, store installation, and event engagement. 

Dropshipping – Nalpac fulfills ecommerce orders shipped directly to your customers. No need to warehouse hundreds of items, no need to visit the post office. Our warehouse is your warehouse. 

Educational videos – Nalpac produces original video content that is both fun and educational to keep you informed about new and bestselling items. 

Webinars – Nalpac partners with our vendors’ sales representatives to provide webinars that educate your retail staff on current product lines in an easy-to-use, interactive setting. 

Promotional and marketing support – Nalpac provides in-store marketing materials as well as produces original photography for use on your store’s social media platforms in order to help you reach and maintain your customer base. 

Nalpac EDU is here to get the word out about Nalpac’s areas of service, as well as provide expert insight into retail practices.  

To learn more or to begin working with us, reach out at any time to sales@nalpac.com or call 800-837-5946. Visit the Nalpac website to sign up for the email newsletter https://new.nalpac.com/. 

 Stay tuned to learn more! 

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