What brought you in today?



Nalpac EDU is proud to release the first offering of our new web series, What Brought You in Today? The series is the newest of Nalpac’s educational content, produced to assist adult retail sales staff in helping their customers make informed purchases.

Nalpac crowdsourced the idea for the series through surveys, asking business owners what kind of content would be beneficial to them and their staff. Based on these answers, we collected common customer questions, and asked our guests to prepare in-depth responses.

What Brought You in Today? focuses on common questions salespeople receive from customers. Any given day, sales staff will receive such questions as, “What is a good place to start in BDSM play?” or, “How do I make my partner squirt?” What Brought You in Today? offers tips on how to navigate these questions and more while helping customers find the product they desire.

Nalpac enlisted Doc Johnson Senior Sales Representative Kristen Denton and Pleasure Chest Manager of Outreach and Events Bahar Baharloo to answer the first round of questions.

In What Brought You in Today? Baharloo applies their expertise in sex education and retail to walk through possible customer mindsets, desires, and expectations when asking about a certain sexual act or scenario. They also provide detailed advice on ways to achieve these fantasies and the styles of toys that best fulfill them. Denton offers products from Doc Johnson’s collection that align with these areas of desire along with detailed descriptions of their features, their feel, and uses that you may not see at first glance.

In question 1, Denton and Baharloo answer the question of where to start with beginner BDSM play. Baharloo explains the importance of communication in BDSM power dynamics as well as the thrill of sensation play, while Denton details the uses of the Bind and Tie Hemp Rope Kit and Spike 5 Pinwheel from Doc Johnson’s Kink.com line.

The duo answers more sex-toy-related questions, available in both a full-length 33-minute episode or 5 mini-episodes. The on-demand format allows viewers to watch at their own time and speed, rather than scheduling a sales training or attending a webinar.

Subscribe to Nalpac on YouTube and Vimeo to see all episodes of What Brought You in Today? as well as more Nalpac original content.

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