Why you should be using anal plugs!


If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably heard of butt plugs before. They’re smaller and rounder than dildos, with the purpose of being inserted into the anus. Mostly made from silicone or steel, butt plugs are a fun way to bring something new into your sex life.

Why should I use one?

Because butt plugs are awesome! Some of our favorite use-cases include:

*Wearing it during vaginal intercourse for enhanced pleasure
*Wearing it before anal sex to help loosen the anus for a better experience
*Wearing it around the house or outside for a kinky reminder
*Making your partner wear it as a tease

Honestly, butt plugs can offer so much. For women, wearing one can enhance vaginal sex as it guides the penis towards your g-spot, giving the man a tighter feeling, and helps to experiment with double penetration. For men, it can heighten your experience during masturbation as it rubs against your prostate. Plus, can you imagine making your partner wear one as they’re washing the dishes as a way to get them in the mood?

Which one do I choose?

The butt plug market is huge and if you can dream of it, you can likely get it. Let’s take a look at some of the options out there:

For beginners

While nearly every type of plug is good for beginners (Aside from those with no flared base – never use them!), here are some of our favorites.

Gpop 2

Gpop 2 is a unisex vibrator that can be used both anally, vaginally and clitorically. It has a nice smooth shape as it curves with your body and features six different vibration modes. It really packs a punch for those who want a multiple-in-one toy. Just make sure to wash it if you plan on switching between the anus and the vagina during the session.

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    Gpop 2 – Gvibe Unisex Vibrator


Kiotos Butt Plug Aluminium

If you’ve searched around for butt plugs before, this might be the one you saw. With its familiar shape and sleek finish, this aluminum plug is perfect for all lovers to enjoy. Available in three sizes, you can work your way from the smallest to the biggest in style.

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    Kiotos Butt Plug Aluminium


Gplug Twist

A smooth butt plug… but with a twist! Literally! The Gplug Twist features a twisted design, helping you insert and remove the plug easily. Only 3.9cm in length, it’s perfect for those looking for something small.

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    Gplug Twist – Gvibe


Vibrating plugs

Why vibrating plugs? They feel awesome!

Je Joue Nuo 2

This little thing has not only one, but two motors inside. This offers you stronger, more balanced vibrations. Pair it with the app for some long-distance play with your partner, or tease yourself when you’re out and about.

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    Je Joue Nuo v.2


Gkit Gplug + Vibrating Remote Ring

Gplug is a small plug made from the highest quality silicone. It’s small enough to be inviting for everyone, while still being a quality choice for long-time users. Gring is a small finger vibrator, that can be used as a remote for the Gplug. Use it on yourself or tease your partner with it – the possibilities are endless.

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    Gkit Gplug + vibrating remote ring – Gvibe


Princette Puppypus

We have talked about Cute Little Fuckers before, and now it’s time for Puppypus to shine. They are a small vibrating toy that offers many use cases. Nestle them between your fingers for a vibrating hand, plug up your ass, use them on the clitoral hood, or just tease your partner. Puppypus is ready for anything!

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    Princette Puppypus – Cute Little Fuckers



Ever wanted to take your plugging from sexy to cute? With these cute tails, here is your chance. 

Bunny Tail 

A bunny tail is a beloved classic from the butt plug world, mostly associated with the PlayBoy bunnies. Fluff up that butt and make your partner go crazy just by looking at you. Why not even add in a pair of cute bunny ears?

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    Bunny Tail Buttplug Black – Kiotos


Screwed Tail

This fluffy tail is one of the cutest things you can wear to bed. Made from super soft material, this tail is amazing for some cute and sexy play. Plus it comes with a spare handle if you want to take a break from the tail or try something else.

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    Screwed Tail Butt Plug



Let your inner horse come out with this genuine horsetail plug. It’s soft, swingy, and looks awesome – what else can you ask from a plug!

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    Buttplug with Horsetail – Black – Kiotos


Different material Plugs

Glass is awesome for butt plugs. It’s nearly indestructible, feels nice, is easy to clean, and just looks cool. The same goes for steel, as it’s anti-porous. Both of them have more weight to them than regular plugs, offering you new ways to experiment. 

Crystal Gems

Made by Kiotos, these plugs are a work of art with their smooth gems on the end. What makes glass plugs so awesome is the fact that you can place them under running hot or cold water to change their temperature. Make it warmer for a calming effect or make it cold to spice things up – the choice is yours.

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    Glass Dildo Heart Love


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    Glass Plug Crystal Gem Black


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    Glass Plug Crystal Gem Pink


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    Glass Plug Rose Pink


Glass Plug with O-ring

This plug just invites you to play with it. The glass ring on the end makes it easy for your partner (or yourself) to play with the plug while it’s in. How else to best show your love than with this pretty piece!

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    Glass Butt Plug with O-ring – Kiotos


Ribbed Steel Plug

Just as glass plugs, steel can also change its temperature. Make it hot or cold by running it under water and feel each of its ribs rubbing against you.

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    Ribbed Buttplug – Kiotos Steel


What else to know?

For butt plugs, follow basic anal sex safety. Use lots of lube (preferably water-based) when putting anything near your butt. Start small and slow – the last thing you’d wanna do is damage your anus. It’s normal to feel pain during your first time (it should be more like discomfort, not actual pain). If the pain doesn’t seem to leave, try playing with a smaller plug. If even that doesn’t help, it’s okay to accept that plugs aren’t for you. 

You might be worried about your cleanness before engaging in any anal play. To help make washing easy, we recommend using the Kiotos Cleanuno enema bulb. Just fill it with water and flush yourself clean.

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    Kiotos Cleanuno Anal Cleaner


Also, we are personally not huge fans of anal beads. While similar to anal plugs, beads are more difficult to keep clean. Unless you can really get between each bead to clean it, try to avoid them. And don’t put anything without a flared base up there! It may be tempting, but visiting the ER is not that fun. Just make sure to stay safe and have fun.

You can find our whole selection of butt plugs on our website!

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