Choice of condoms – which to choose?


Condoms (also known as “rubber”) is the only known barrier device used during sexual intercourse to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) and unwanted pregnancies. Due to the versatility of the condom, it is essential to know which condoms are good in order to maximize pleasure.

How to choose?

There are a huge variety of condoms available from latex to polyurethane and vegan condoms. Available are different condoms with special properties to spice up your sex life.

Choice of condoms is not limited to what they can do, but also the size (regular, slim fit, or maxi/magnum), flavours (strawberry, vanilla, wildberry, etc.) and type (ribbed, dotted, tentacles) and more.

Latex condoms

Latex condoms are the regular condoms that are used daily. For people who are allergic to the substance, latex condoms are not suitable for them. Polyurethane condoms are meant for people who are allergic to latex.

Polyurethane condoms

Polyurethane condoms are thin, elastic, and non-allergenic. These contraceptives are good against friction and carrying body heat. Since this is quite thin, it feels as if you are having sex without condom. It increases the pleasure and intensity of the intercourse.

Vegan condoms

Vegan condoms are just like latex condoms. But are chemical free and made from a higher quality latex. These contraceptives are also quite thin (just like polyurethane ones), which increases pleasure during the intercourse.

Condoms with effects

If you would like to spice up your sex life, then there are different contraceptives with different “properties” or “effects”. For example, the “hairy” condoms, where the condoms have really short and soft “antennas”. It increases the stimulation for the receiving partner. For the giving partner, it also increases the pleasure because of the intensity of the intercourse. Here are different options available regarding the “softness” of the “antennas” and how many of these “antennas” would be on the condom.

Sheer dams – what these?

Whenever there is a case where during oral sex man does not want to come in contact with the vagina due to different circumstances (the hygiene of the intimate area, have not had the time to wash the area etc.), there are special latex sheets – sheer dams. These napkins are thin and silky. You can choose from so many flavours – strawberry, cola, vanilla, etc.

Sheer dams are used during oral sex with the purpose of not exchanging bodily fluids, pathogens and sexually transmitted infections (STI’s).

There are more options when it comes to having safe sexual intercourse. When your preference is to not use sheer dams or condoms for men, then there are also options available for female condoms with the same purpose as the condoms meant for men.

If you prefer to enjoy sex safely, choose the right condom for you. But if you have a long-time partner but would like to spice up your sex life, try out one of those  condoms with antennas.

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