Condoms, condoms, condoms!


We have (hopefully) all heard of condoms before. Made from latex or other materials, they’re used to stop the spread of diseases and prevent pregnancy. But did you know they actually used tortoise shells as condoms back in the day?

Why should I use a condom?

As already mentioned, condoms help you and your partner avoid diseases, such as HIV, Chlamydia, etc, and also avoid unwanted pregnancy. And it makes for a quick and easy clean-up!

Sexually Transmitted Diseases are not something you’d want. The moment you have unprotected sex, you’re at risk of contracting an STD. Yes, even during oral and anal sex. Yes, even if he pulls out/doesn’t finish/uses only the tip. Whether it’s a one-night hookup or an established partner, it’s always safer to wear a condom. 

Also, it’s cool to get tested for STD-s. You can do it regularly, or whenever you get a new partner. If you’re safe, that’s perfect. But if something is wrong, getting help early can is the best way to overcome it and keep you and your partner(s) safe. 

To help you make the first step, we’re offering a combo pack with 3 lubricated condoms, Egzo water-based lubricant, and FunkyJunk Wipes to offer you everything you need. Find the combo here:

But he said he doesn’t come with a condom!

False. If condoms stopped people from coming, they wouldn’t be as popular. It’s probably a case of “He doesn’t want to come with a condom,” rather than “he can’t come with a condom.” Unless you both want to and are ready to deal with the consequences, it’s better to wear a condom. You can always try a female condom, as that might give him more freedom. But if he insists he can’t come like that, offer to visit the doctor to find a cause. 

But if he has problems staying hard when putting on/wearing a condom, that’s a different issue. Most commonly the penis goes flaccid because the condom is too small. Girth is more important than length, so check out condoms from Glyde to find a better match. 

Other than that, in the beginning, it may also be an issue of being nervous. You can try putting on the condom when you’re alone, or during masturbation. This way your penis can get used to the condom without being nervous. 

Should you wear a condom when…?

…you’ve been tested?

Now you know that you are safe. That’s awesome! But yes, you should still wear a condom.

…you’re both tested?

Good job on getting tested. If you want, you don’t need to wear a condom. Just make sure no one gets pregnant. 

…you’re on birth control?

Yes and No. Even when on birth control, there’s always a small change of something going wrong. Plus no birth control protects against STD-s. So if you’re both tested and you’re on birth control? Yes, it’s safe to not use a condom. 

What condoms are out there?

Most common condoms include Latex Condoms, which are made out of latex. These are the ones you can get from everywhere. They’re cheap, easy to use, and offer the best protection. And remember, condoms aren’t “one-size-fits-all.” If a condom is too big, it tends to slip off, whilst a condom too small will only hurt you and possibly cause erectile dysfunction. Test around with different sizes until you find your perfect match. 

Some variations include:


If you didn’t already know, latex condoms aren’t actually vegan. Manufacturers use a milk protein called casein, which gets replaced for plant-based alternatives in vegan condoms. Glyde offers a wide variety of vegan condoms, which come in different sizes, flavors, and even thin versions. Vegan condoms are loved by many, including non-vegans, as using them might lessen the possibility of getting a yeast infection and irritation.


Why not flavor it up in the bedroom? These condoms are meant for oral sex, but can also be used vaginally. With flavors such as Peach and Ice Cream, turn anything into a tasty lollipop.


With a smaller girth, these condoms give you the perfect tight feeling. Also useful if your girth happens to be lesser than 50mm for a better fit. Maxi condoms are meant for people with a bigger girth.

Thin/Extra Strong

Thin condoms give you a more real feeling. With a thickness of around 0.04 microns (compared to the usual 0.06), you can have the same secure feeling while feeling more. On the other end, you have Extra Strong Condoms with a thickness of 0.07 microns that let you experience greater endurance during sex. 


Spermicides work by killing the sperm and blocking the cervix. This will give you double the safety during intercourse. Just keep in mind that there’s always a possibility of developing an allergic reaction, and they aren’t more effective against STD-s than other condoms.


Some condoms come with an added effect. As the name suggests, warming condoms give you a slight warmth effect, cooling ones a slight cold effect, and delay condoms give you the slightest numbing effect, making you last longer.

Female Condoms

Yes, condoms aren’t only meant for men. These female condoms go inside of you, as opposed to going on your partner. And no, they won’t turn you into “a bag.” Youtuber Lindsey Doe from the Youtube Channel “Sexplanations” made an awesome video about explaining In condoms and what they actually are. Check her video out here!


For people with a latex allergy. Whilst not as common, you can still find them from lots of places. 


Polyurethane – thin, strong, odor-free, and an excellent transmitter of heat. These condoms provide a natural feel completely different from that of traditional rubber condoms. With a thickness of 0.02-millimeter, these are some of the thinnest condoms on the market.


No, you’re not pulling an actual lambskin on your penis. These condoms are made out of lamb intestines, giving you the most natural feel. But, since they can be a bit porous, they’re not very good at protecting against STD-s.

Novelty Condoms

These condoms are something so different and so much fun.

Egzo Novelty Condoms

These furry, pointy, textured condoms are made by Egzo as a way to make using a condom fun and exciting. The “fur” is soft and won’t hurt you, and only adds new exciting feelings and textures.

Oral Sex Sheets

While not shaped like traditional condoms, these sheets fulfill the same purpose. Place a sheet over the anus or vulva for some flavored, protected, hot oral sex. This way you are protected from STD-s, and your fear about hygiene can be gone!

Where do condoms even come from?

You may already know that people used animal skins as condoms. But did you know that we have records of condoms being used around 1000 years B.C? Back then, they used animal skins, oiled paper, tortoise shells, and animal horns.

Back then condoms were of course washed and reused, which we know now is very unsafe. Condoms were actually used not as much to protect against STD-s, but to prevent bug bites! The first female condom was mentioned around 2000 years ago since a curse was put on a king to only be able to cum snakes and scorpions. To prevent them from killing his lovers, they used the bladder of a goat as a female condom. 

The oldest surviving condom comes from the year 1642. Back then, condoms weren’t as advertised as today, since according to churches they promoted sex with unsafe people and were seen as something prostitutes used. Luckily, that notion was mostly ignored and condoms stayed around. In 1855, they came out with the first condom made out of rubber – they of course slipped off easily and were quite thick. So,  people continued to use either animal skins or rubber condoms.

In 1957 everything changed when they started selling the first lubricated condoms, taking the shape we know today, 

Condoms have a rich history, which continues to grow to this day. So next time you plan on having sex, rubber up!

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