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Tenga is one of the leading male sex-toy makers. If you’ve ever looked at mastrubators, you’ve probably noticed Tenga pop up from time to time. They offer both disposable and reusable toys, helping you find pleasure wherever you go. Not sure which toy to go for? Let us help you a little bit!


While not the most environmentally friendly, using disposable toys can help you figure out what you like in your sex toys. More of a tight squeeze or a nice cooling effect? Less or more firmness? Bumpy or smooth? Test out different things to know your favorite combinations.


Both Tenga’s Original and Premium series feature many different options. Some favorites include the Rolling Head cup with a rotatable head, the Soft Tube where you control the tightness, and the Dual Sensation cup with two holes, allowing you to experience double the stimulation.


Many people love Tenga for their masturbation eggs. And honestly, why shouldn’t you? Their eggs are unique, easy to use, easy to take with you, and offer a wide variety of sensations. While designed to be single-use, by using a condom, you can actually use them multiple times. Just give them a quick wash and let air dry. And it’s not just for men – by turning it inside out, women can use it with their fingers or stretch it over a vibrator for some extra pleasure. So if you want to try something new, be sure to check out some of our favorites – Lover’s Heart, Wavy, Cool Edition, and Shiny. Or get a variety pack to experience each egg’s unique pleasure!


Tenga’s power really shines with their reusable toys. Each of them being so different and offering so many unique simulations, it’s difficult to find your one favorite.


Discover the world of spinning with these 6 new Tenga spinners. Aside from stroking up and down, these spinners twist and spin around your penis with each stroke, making you feel stimulation you previously thought to be impossible.


Geo not only looks good, but also feels good. When not in use, flip it inside-out to help it dry quicker and reveal the beautiful inside pattern. The gorgeous geometric shapes become densely packed when in use, helping you achieve earth-shattering orgasm.


Cleaning out your toys is important. With a unique flip-open design, Tenga Flip can be opened and washed thoroughly, helping you keep your toy clean. The Flip Orb features flexible orbs layered within a soft elastomer for a completely new sensation. Available in both soft and strong variants, experience pleasure like never before.

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