What is a penis pump and how to use it?


Penis pump is a fast-track way for increasing the size of your penis and a sure way to maintain a strong and a lasting erection. It does not matter if you use it with a partner or for a solo session.


Most of the penis enlargement pumps have a hermetic cylinder, to which the penis is inserted into so to create a vacuum. The vacuum effect itself provides an extended erection.

If the penis is inserted into the hermetic cylinder, it increases the blood flow into the tissues of the penis, which gives it a strong erection. If the blood flow to the head of the penis increases, then the erectile tissue for the blood flow also increases, which means a bigger erection.

The cylinder has a handpump attached to it, which increases the vacuum inside the cylinder. This means that you have total control of how much pressure to use.

The tissue inside the penis reacts to the pumping depending on how much you pump and how much time is invested.

The pumps are perfectly compatible for the use of enlarging the penis and to strengthen the erection for a short period of time or for a longer period of time. After using the pump, a lot of men have noticed that the penis is much wider.

If to follow the instructions carefully, the pumps are quite harmless and safe to use. For beginners, it is recommended to do shorter pumping sessions in order to see how it feels and to make sure that not a lot of pressure is applied to the penis.


Men use penis pumps for a lot of different reasons, not just to increase the size of their penis. The airtight vacuum offers a lot of pleasure for men who are accustomed to the wonderful oral skills of their partner.

Men who suffer under erectile dysfunction are recommended to use the penis pump for maintaining an erection without the use of Viagra or any other similar substances. Some men may have a pre-existing condition (like diabetes or blood pressure difficulties) which decreases the blood flow to the penis and in turn causes weak or inadequate short-term erection. In cases like these, it is good to use a penis pump in maintaining the erection for sexual penetration or masturbation. Penis pumps can also be used for foreplay. The area where the blood flows makes the penis more sensitive to touch.

For ladies, the penis pump can be used to enlarge the nipples or the clitoris by carefully observing the pressure and the speed of the pump.


This is an ideal penis pump if you are a beginner. Bathmate Hydro series offers you true experience for the cost and gives you a lasting effect. By giving enough pressure, the Hydro series pump enlarges the penis in a sensitive, but a fast manner. The Hydro7 pump is compatible for most of the users, but the best experience can be given to those whose erected penis stands at 12.5 up to 17.5 cm in length.

If you are looking for a more powerful pressure (and faster growth), then we recommend to try Bathmate Hydromax series pumps, which offers 35% more power. It is a pump which is considered to be the first water-powered penis pump. It uses the pressure of the water to increase the length and width of the penis, the stamina, the blood flow and helps with the overall health. The world’s most famous penis pump company has sold over 1 million penis pumps.


It is very easy to use the Bathmate. It can be used whilst taking a shower. Firstly, relax yourself under warm water for some time. Make sure that your penis is semi erect. Fill in the pump with warm water, turn the small handle on the pump, and insert your penis. Push the pump against your body and slowly start pumping out the excess water until you feel pressure on your penis. If possible, push out the water such as you would feel moderate pressure on your penis.

Use the pump for 5 minutes, maximum of 3 times per day in order to achieve the maximum result. If you would want to do three 5-minute sessions consecutively, remove the pump from the penis for a moment after every 5-minute session as to let the penis breathe for a moment. To decrease the pressure of the water, press on the upper transparent section of the pump. After every 5-minute session, massage the penis for a while to smoothe out the blood flow.

If you feel a lot of pressure or pain anywhere else other than the penis, then the pump is out of place. For that remove the penis pump and try to position it so that it does not cause pain.

Read more about Bathmate penis pumps here: https://www.lustandlove.eu/et/toode/hydromax-bathmate-peenisepump/

Whichever penis pump you use, do not forget that it is essential for maximum pleasure!

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