Kodak Black is participating in #NoNutNovember


No Nut November has a new challenger: Kodak Black, a popular musician from the United States. His hit singles include “Tunnel Vision” and “Zeze.” Kodan Black also endorsed “semen retention,” in a tweet.

No Nut November is a challenge and viral Internet meme to go an entire month without orgasming. Some people seriously participate in the challenge, while others only joke about it on social media. While the No Nut November challenge seems to be followed mainly by men, anyone is welcome to participate. News articles often associate No Nut November with NoFap; while NoFap’s community members certainly helped to popularize the meme and sometimes participate, No Nut November is its own separate thing.

“Semen retention” refers to the idea that you can avoid ejaculation (and yes, that includes through sex) for long periods to receive numerous purported benefits. According to one popular semen retention forum’s moderators, purported benefits include “better memory, increased energy, increased muscle growth, [and] improved concentration.”

In any case, participating in #NoNutNovember is a great way to explore your relationship with porn and masturbation. If you suspect that you might have a problem, you can find more info about problematic porn use, porn addiction, and non-porn compulsive sexual behavior at NoFap.

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