Arcwave launches creative, out-of-the box recruitment campaign


Arcwavethe international premium sexual wellness brand for penis owners, is seeking a brand marketing specialist (f/m/d) through an honest and humorous campaign. The company behind the industry’s first stroker toy using Pleasure Air Technology is currently recruiting new employees with a creative, left-of-center job advertisement using the hashtag #handsonjob to break down many of the reservations about working in the sex tech industry. For more details regarding the Arcwave job listing, please click here. The job is also listed on LinkedIn

The job listing is currently available in Europe and North America. The marketing brand specialist for Arcwave will be responsible for managing the brand’s reputation, goals and values through specific and sophisticated marketing campaigns. The person Arcwave is seeking is open-minded, driven, sex-positive, hardworking, and doesn’t mind talking about a stigmatized subject, all day every day. Plus, the product perks blow, literally.

Arcwave represents modern masculinity and offers a platform for adventure seekers. The forward-thinking and technology-focused brand offers a new masturbation experience through revolutionary and innovative products. Headquartered in Berlin with four additional locations in Ottawa, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai, the company sells highly powerful and pleasurable products in more than 60 countries. With this global campaign, Arcwave is drawing attention to its job openings with large billboards and signage around Berlin and New York City to reach potential applicants in a humorous and memorable way. In addition to analog advertising measures, Arcwave is pursuing digital placements in target media outlets, as well as on job portals and through partnerships with influencers, to deliberately take a broad, high-profile step that embraces being part of the sex tech industry.

“We bring people one-of-a-kind pleasure and comfort with our products. How many brands can say that?” says Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment. “Unfortunately, there are still certain misconceptions when people mention that they work in the sex tech industry. We want to take away the ‘fear’ from potential applicants and show we are a professional company where fun is not neglected.”

Facts and Figures about Male Masturbation
The global sex toy market is predicted to be worth about $35 billion in 2023, increasing from $26.5 billion in 2019. In recent years, the focus has primarily been on marketing and developing products for vulva owners. This audience became the main target group of the industry therefore they have a variety of modern and aesthetically-pleasing toys to choose from. Penis owners, on the other hand, have a very narrow range of  less innovative toys to choose from. Arcwave is working to bring the same kind of mind-blowing pleasure and variety of options to the market for penis owners and destigmatize sexual wellness for all.

Arcwave “Ion”: The First Pleasure Air Stroker
After more than two years of research, a dozen prototypes and regular input from the international tester panel MasturbaTEAM, engineers and designers successfully completed “Ion”. Since the product launch in September 2020, the brand enables a completely new masturbation experience and fills an existing gap in the sex toy market.

“Ion” features the highest level of technology and massages the body’s sensitive nerve endings, called pacini receptors located in the frenulum under the tip of the penis, with patented Pleasure Air technology. The same receptors are found in the clitoris and research has shown that they play key roles in achieving intense climax. These receptors are difficult to stimulate in penis owners by hand. The Pleasure Air technology, which has now been specially developed for penis owners, makes it possible to stimulate the pacini receptors on the frenulum specifically with pulsating air waves.

For more details regarding the Arcwave job listing, please click here

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