Ball straps in a leather look from REBEL


The sex toys from REBEL have a distinct, manly design and have been created specifically for men. The three ball straps in a leather look have now been added to the extensive REBEL assortment. They support the erection in an effective way and can delay ejaculation thanks to the blood congestion effect.

The “Ball Stretcher with D-Ring” (item number 05383960000) clings tightly to the testicles and pulls pleasurably on them as well. Weights (not included) can be used to intensify this sensation. The two rows of press studs can be used to adjust the strap’s circumference for a tight fit and a perfect fit.

The “Cock Strap with Ball Stretcher” (item number 05383880000) is a cock/ball strap that strengthens the penis and stretches the testicles. The straps have either two or three rows of press studs which can be used to adjust the circumference for a perfect fit.

The “Ball Stretcher with Separator and D-Ring” (item number 05383700000) is a cock/ball strap with a ball separator. It also has a D-ring for attaching weights or a leash (not included). All the straps can be adjusted with the press studs for a tight fit and a perfect fit.

All the REBEL products are delivered in a high-quality cardboard box that also has a description of the product in various languages on it as well. The packaging can also be stood up or hung up with the hanger in the middle. More products will now fit into the sales space because they’re more compact. They also take up less space when they’re in storage as well. 

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