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(Note: This story appears in the April 2021 issue of SE Magazine)

WOW Tech Academy was designed for retailers on all levels to gain a better understanding of WOW Tech brands and products.

Plato’s Academy is thought to have been the first institution of higher learning in the Western world, founded in roughly 387 BC. It’s fun to wonder what “classes” may have looked like back then; how they were structured, how learning was facilitated … did they have desks!?

We can’t knock Plato, but we’re sure his Academy would have benefited (and maybe not been subsequently destroyed) if it was set up like a more-than-2,000-year-old successor,
the WOW Tech Academy, a new, efficient and easy-to-use way from WOW Tech for retailers on all levels to gain a better understanding of WOW Tech brands and products.

WOW Tech Group was founded in 2018 with the merging of Womanizer Group Management GmbH from Germany and Standard Innovation Corporation from Canada. WOW Tech houses such iconic brands as We-Vibe, Womanizer, pjur and Arcwave, among others.

With such a vast global reach, it only makes sense WOW Tech would ease knowledge acquisition for the bevy of retailers it works with.

“As the WOW Tech product lines are growing quickly and our partners are also growing and hiring new staff, we wanted to provide a platform that would allow anyone on any level to access product trainings in a quick, easily accessible format,” says Stephanie Keating, Marketing Director, Americas. “The Academy covers all of our brands and products, so it’s a great place to get a full introduction to WOW Tech’s product portfolio.”

“The Academy covers all of our brands and products, so

it’s a great place to get a full introduction to WOW Tech’s

product portfolio.” — Stephanie Keating

Presently there are eight courses available, with four to five videos in each course. At the end of each video, there’s a quiz and a downloadable ‘quick fact’ sheet about the product. Courses are organized by brand and by products so that similar products are looped together in a course. WOW Tech has designed it this way so that participants can work through courses when they have time and can focus on the courses that are most relevant to them—for example, there is a We-Vibe course focused on Couple Vibes like Chorus.

In fact, it was Damiana Consulting, led by CEO Sarah Tomchesson, that worked with WOW Tech on the Academy’s foundation.

“We really felt Sarah’s understanding of the adult retail space, employee training and general educational approach aligned well with WOW Tech’s core values and goals in creating safe, inclusive, educational content for the Academy,” says Keating.

The WOW Tech house of brands now consists of five individual brands with more than 40 products covering seven device categories.

“We felt it was important to have a central place for training and information that is accessible 24/7 for our customers,” Keating adds. “The Academy acts as a great place to train a new employee, as well as a reference center for anyone who might need a refresher on one of the classics. We were also able to include videos to support some of our newer products including the Arcwave Ion and the brand new We-Vibe Tango X and We-Vibe Touch X.”

WOW Tech understands it can be challenging to understand new technologies associated with new product launches, especially if in-person training is unavailable or postponed indefinitely. Through the Academy, Certified Sex Educators walk participants through each of WOW Tech’s tech, helping your team better understand the features and benefits of each product.

“Product knowledge was our focus in these first videos, but there will be more topics covered in the future,” says Keating.

And, unlike Plato’s Academy, which we have to imagine was selective in its admittance, WOW Tech invites customers on all levels to participate in their Academy— adult industry retailers, store-level employees and distributors.

To use the Academy, each store/company must have a Branch URL created by a WOW Tech rep. The Branch URL creates a unique registration page where each individual in the organization can create their own login. Using the Branch URL to register means the accounts are linked to other people in the company, which is important for when WOW Tech runs programs or competitions in the future.

If you currently order through a distributor, you can register through their branch URL, too, so that you’re eligible for different contests and prizes. To request a Branch URL for your store or company, reach out to a WOW Tech Representative or send an email to academy@wowtech.com.

“The main goal of the Academy is to provide a quick, accessible way for channel partners on all levels to increase their knowledge of WOW Tech’s house of premium brands and products,” says Keating. “We want our partners to feel confident when they speak about our brands.”

For more information, visit wowtech.com or email academy@wowtech.com.

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