Magic Wand’s ‘Get to Know Your Customers Day’ Survey Results


Vibratex, the sole North American importer of the Magic Wand brand, is pleased to be sharing results from its for-fun “Get to Know Your Customers Day” survey via social media.

Get to Know Your Customers Day is a for-fun annual “holiday” celebrated on July 16. The Magic Wand social media team offered friends and followers the chance to win a Magic Wand of their choice simply by completing the survey. The survey included lighthearted — yet revealing — questions like “What words or phrases do you associate with Magic Wand?” “If Magic Wand was a celebrity, who would it be?” and “When did you first watch ‘Friends’?”

“I was just glad to see I wasn’t the only one rocking sweats,” says Nicole Rosselli, Magic Wand’s Controller and the guiding force behind the brand’s social initiatives. “Shout out to the 4th trimester, Magic Wand loving moms out there!”

Though the opportunity to complete the survey is now closed, Magic Wand is excited to reveal the results — including the three celebrities that got repeat mentions from respondents! — via social media. Curious readers may check out Magic Wand’s official accounts on Twitter and Instagram — both @truemagicwand — for some fun and insightful information.

“At first, I loved the idea of this survey simply because it was a fun way to engage our audience,” CEO Ken Herskovitz explains. “But then, when I saw the responses and realised they revealed people’s deeper connection with the Magic Wand brand, it all became so much cooler. Respondents really put some thought into what they shared!”

Magic Wand is always excited to learn more about the brand’s friends, fans, and supporters, as well as to learn more about what people want from their #truemagicwand.

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To learn more about Magic Wand, visit Join Magic Wand on Instagram at @truemagicwand.

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