New at ORION Wholesale: “The Throne”


ORION Wholesale has brought “The Throne” from You2Toys onto the market. This sex chair is a new must-have for pleasure that’s out of the ordinary.

“The Throne” (item number 05384420000) is perfect for diverse sessions and unusual positions. The top padded cushion has a large hole which means that deep penetration, fancy tongue games and other erotic fun are really easy to enjoy. There are also no limits when it comes to the various positions: one person could sit on the seat and the other person could lie underneath it. Or one person could lie comfortably on the seat and get pleasured, for example, in the doggy style position. The four eyelets are a real highlight because the two included handcuffs and the two included ankle cuffs with their long restraint straps can be attached to them. The various accessories like the blindfold, flogger and gag mean that imaginations can run wild.

“The Throne” is delivered in a sturdy cardboard box with various pictures and various languages on it as well. The chair is pre-assembled and easy to put together – it’s just the padded parts that need to be inserted.

For orders and further information please contact:
ORION Wholesale

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