Special Focus Cover: Dial “M for Men”


(Note: This story appears in the December 2021 issue of SE Magazine)

For men who want to take their masturbation game from “good to great,” retailers just need call on Blush.

In case there was any doubt, Blush has painted a very clear picture: it has a line of products that will whet any man’s sexual appetite. The M for Men collection by Blush presently boasts 34 SKUs, including a wide variety of strokers, with more on the horizon.

“The M for Men collection by Blush features a range of strokers made for mind-blowing orgasms,” says Blush Sales Manager, Nancy Cosimini. “These products are made from soft, X5 TPE, a material that warms to body temperature to recreate a realistic sexual experience.

“From self-lubricating to glow in the dark, vibrating and automated, the collection has a variety of strokers that will take the masturbation game from good to great,” continues Cosimini. “Most products have soft plushy sleeves with various ridges and grooves inside that allow for different sensations.”

This collection of varying strokers promises authentic feel and has realistic designs to entice fantasies further. Some are even self-lubricated, use water or saliva to activate
the self-lubrication, and once the inner sleeve is wet, the product turns slippery (SKUs BL-84023, BL-84013, BL- 84003).

The collection also features clear strokers for a visually stimulating experience. With soft nubs inside that caress to stimulate the entire shaft and tip, “these are a big hit with Blush customers,” says Cosimini (SKUs BL-20125, BL- 61312, BL-06512). “M for Men has a great assortment of quality toys at affordable prices,” she adds.

As if M for Men didn’t already offer a plethora of male- centric toys, Blush is set to unveil some new masturbators to cap off 2021.

If, as Cosimini says, “texture is king when it comes to male masturbators,” just size up M for Men for the crown.

“With the three new SKUs, we are introducing self- lubricating strokers and adding to the fun with a glow-in- the-dark feature,” Cosimini continues, noting that these are discreet, easy to maintain and clean, and are made of body-safe TPE.

The new products include:

Soft and Wet – Magnifier – Clear: This pocket stroker is clear from the hardshell case to the ribbed inner tunnel, for a visually stimulating experience. The self-lubricating stroker only needs a little water or saliva to get started. Magnifier is made of premium TPE and is body-safe, fragrance free, and phthalate free.

“What makes these strokers unique is the multiple chambers that assist with a robust suction feel,” says Cosimini.

Storm features a 5.5-inch inner canal with seven different vibration settings and a one-touch suction effect that tightens and releases for optimal pleasure to tweak the sensation to the user’s liking. Made of TPE, the internal cup is detachable for easy cleaning and the canister can be put on for protection and discreet storage. This product includes headphones, putting the user in the driver’s seat when it comes to solo pleasure.

Soft and Wet – All Nighter: This stroker is self-lubricating and one can make it slippery with a little water or saliva. Clear from the hardshell case to the ribbed inner tunnel, this product is also made from ultra-soft TPE.

“The stroker has a soft erotic feel for sensational stroking and a ribbed inside for pressure point massage,” says Cosimini. “The glow-in-the-dark feature ensures the stroker is always ready for action after dark.”

M for Men will continue to please its subjects

“We are still developing and adding new products to the M for Men collection,” says Cosimini. “Be it a new feature, material or technology, each of our products are developed based on the consumers and retailers feedback. At Blush, we work with multiple retailers, and we always take advantage of constructive criticism to innovate new products.

“With the new products, we are really stepping up in terms of material and exciting features like glow-in-the- dark and self-lubricated products,” adds Cosimini. “The collection has an array of toys made of the finest TPE with features that are completely preference-dependent and offer different experiences. From realistic strokers that look like authentic body parts to clear discreet ones, the M for Men collection is made for men who need a stronger and more satisfying orgasm.”

“The M for Men collection by Blush features a range of strokers made for mind-blowing male orgasms. From self-lubricating to glow in the dark, vibrating and automated, the collection has a variety of strokers that will take the masturbation game from good to great.” — Nancy Cosimini

Retailers, you rang?

While the newest strokers are still on their way to retail shelves and ultimately users’ hands, retailers can immediately take notice of the new additions’ discreet packaging — as well as the aforementioned added features to increase mass appeal (self-lubricating, glow in the dark).

“We are trying to capture new market segments and cater to a wider range of consumers with this collection that has everything from the tried-and-true realistic strokers to automated ones that will help users experiment,” says Cosimini.

M for Men has something for everyone — from basic sleeve strokers like the upcoming Magnifier and All Nighter to more advanced ones. The collection features products like Joyride with an adjustable suction cup base and Julieta that comes with a vibrating bullet to enhance sensation.

“M for Men’ should make finding the right male masturbator an easy task,” says Cosimini. “We encourage our retailers to display plan-o-grams because the M for Men has an array of products from basic to automated and more sophisticated ones. Due to the quality and price of these products, this is a strong line that has a little something for every penis-owner looking to play!”

For more information, visit blushlove.com.

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