Sportsheets Featured in Article


The Sportsheets top selling Under the Bed Restraint System and Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Kit were featured in a article, “7 Best Under Bed Restraints for Easy Bondage.”

The article outlines seven unbiased picks for under bed restraints putting the Under the Bed Restraint System at the top of the list. “I like that they place the adjustment belts right by the end of the strap by the cuffs because it makes it easy to adjust the tension after your sub is all strapped in,” remarks the author. The original Under the Bed Restraint System has been a consistent Sportsheets best seller, easily adjustable to fit any size mattress and portable for travel. The original has spurred two additional versions, the Extreme Under the Bed Restraint and the newly released Special Edition.

The article also selects the Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Kit for the sixth spot emphasizing it as a budget friendly option that’s lightweight and easy to travel with. The article says “a unique feature of this set is that the faux-fur-lined cuffs are permanently attached to the straps. That means that you don’t have to worry about heavy metal clips or your cuffs getting separated and lost.”

“We are honored speaks so highly of our two heaviest hitters,” says Emily Silva, Sportsheets Private Label Specialist. “It feels great to have our products recognized for their quality and versatility.” was founded in 1999 and “is a real-time reporting platform for the most sought-after news and information, and now generates millions of visitors per month.” Heavy prides itself on an editorial agenda designed for quality, efficiency, and speed.

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