Spotlight On: Sport Fucker delivers what men want


(Note: This story appears in the December 2021 issue of SE Magazine)

Between its Switch Hitter, MOTOVibe Buzz Lock and state-of-the-art distribution center, Sport Fucker has men covered at every angle.

What do men want? Sport Fucker delivers and is on the right track with its newest products. For the company whose website proudly touts, “If Sex Is Your Sport, We Got Your Gear,” it seems clear that in the game of sex, there are no losers.

With its Switch Hitter and its MOTOVibe Buzz Lock, Sport Fucker offers two well-rounded products to satisfy any user with a penis. Not only that, the company — a subsidiary of 665 Inc. — is operating out of a new 10,000-square-foot distribution center to ensure anyone who wants to take advantage of these game offerings is able to.

SE Magazine spoke with 665 Inc. owner Curtis Thompson about these two versatile products as well as the company’s new distribution center built to fulfill incessant demand.

SE: How would you talk up the Switch Hitter and Buzz Lock to retailers (and ultimately, consumers) that may be unaware of what they have to offer?

THOMPSON: We developed Switch Hitter to be worn in more than one way because we wanted a product that would appeal to those who want a light ball stretching option as well as an extreme one. It’s also perhaps the most comfortable on the market, made from the best liquid silicone you can find so it’s super soft, stretches, and even warms to the body.

For Buzz Lock, we took our wildly popular Thunder Plug Asslock and gave it a boost with a rechargeable motor in the egg, capable of 10 different vibration functions. Users can wear this product anywhere, discreetly, and the wireless remote control can be used to switch vibrations without anyone knowing. Give the remote to a friend and they can let you know they’re looking for you while you’re busy.

SE: Since the Switch Hitter is a cock ring and ball stretcher in one — can you talk about the product’s versatility and how that makes it an appealing draw?

THOMPSON: We get emails from customers telling us they love this item, and we feel that’s a response to the fact that we worked so hard to get everything right in development — from the top-of-the-line material and perfect sizing to the special grip fit that makes this item unlike any other out there.

SE: What do customers love most about the Switch Hitter? About the Buzz Lock?

THOMPSON: For both products, it would have to be the feel, the fit, and the durability. For the MOTOVibe Buzz Lock specifically, the wireless remote control has super strong, unique scene vibrations people seem to love.

“Guys want well-made, quality toys that get them and their partners off in new and more powerful ways. They want a whole new experience. The days of just making simple cockrings are over and we are happy to be a part of creating that change in the market.” — Curtis Thompson

SE: The Buzz Lock is a souped up version of the Thunder Plug Asslock, so how much of the Buzz Lock was a spontaneous evolution versus a conscientious effort to improve based on customer feedback?

THOMPSON: The Thunder Plug Asslock by Sport Fucker was a super popular item that customers raved about. Given the popularity, we wanted to challenge ourselves to see if we could improve on it. So after countless brainstorm sessions and months of product development, we were able to come up with several feature enhancements that we knew were winners — namely, vibration scenes that are unique and powered by a really strong motor. The entire MOTOVibe line of toys will continue to push the boundaries of the market, and this is just one example of how we’ll do so.

SE: Can you talk about the demand, presumably heightened, surrounding men’s products?

THOMPSON: Demand is huge in today’s market. Guys want well-made, quality toys that get them and their partners off in new and more powerful ways. They want a whole new experience. The days of just making simple cockrings are over and we are happy to be a part of creating that change in the market.

SE: When did you start to notice the adult landscape shift and really cater more to men/users with a penis?

THOMPSON: 665 has always catered to men with our high quality handmade in-house Neoprene and Leather bondage gear and clothing for over 25 years. 665 has consistently seen growth year after year. We know what works and we stick to it.

SE: I know we’re all COVID-fatigued, but how have you noticed trends change during the pandemic (i.e. more solo toys, more demand for wellness, toys, etc.)? How do these toys, perhaps, address those points?

THOMPSON: Yes, I agree we are all COVID-fatigued right now, but the fashion part of our business is increasing again so it shows that people are going back out and playing more. Solo toys will continue to be a strong genre for years to come. People like to experiment solo first.

SE: What can you say about the distribution center? Where is located — how has it facilitated your operations? Did you have a distribution center before? If so, how much of an improvement is this upon the previous iteration; if not, how much of a relief is it to have a distribution center?

THOMPSON: We have gone from a small inventory room located in West Hollywood to a 10,000-plus square foot facility in Chatsworth, California. Our distribution center has been updated and automated for streamline picking and pulling orders. Our website also offers curbside pickup that is still super popular today.

SE: Does the distribution center allow you to maintain all operations in-house or do you still rely on other parties for certain things?

THOMPSON: 665 Distribution Center maintains all operations on its own. We pick small web orders, fill pallets to our distributors and pack ocean containers for overseas clients. When we purchased a new automated pallet wrapping machine, we knew we hit a new milestone in the warehouse operations.

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