We-Vibe hits “refresh”


(Note: This story appears in the April 2021 issue of SE Magazine)

Brand initiates a sleek and modern rebrand to reflect commitment to technical innovations and appeal to loyal and new customers.

Taco Bell. McDonald’s. MasterCard. Guinness. We-Vibe. What do all the above companies have in common? Well, in addition to being gargantuan purveyors of delight, they all have, in some form or fashion, rebranded.

Rebranding is not for the faint of heart — history is littered with examples where it has backfired — and it can range from a small logo change to a complete brand overhaul. But, done correctly, rebranding can be reinvigorating, rehashing the relationship with existing customers as well as piquing the interest of new, potential ones.

We-Vibe’s new branding was officially unveiled in December 2020 in conjunction with the launch of We-Vibe Moxie Satin Black and We-Vibe Jive Electric Pink. They were the first two products to don the new packaging design, which has already been emulated by Tango X and Touch X.

Jive Electric Pink

So, what played into the timing of We-Vibe’s rebranding? STOREROTICA Magazine spoke with Stephanie Keating, Marketing Director, Americas at WOW Tech, about rebranding, the role that will have with customers and retailers, and how that rebranding will be reflected in upcoming product launches.

SE: What does We-Vibe’s rebranding include?
KEATING: We-Vibe’s refreshed branding introduces a new, modern, inspirational visual language for the brand. Customers can expect to see new brand elements including changes to: the logo, packaging, key visuals, font, icons, illustrations, brand photography, the brand video and more.

SE: How does this rebranding differ from what the company had previously?
KEATING: It was important for We-Vibe to remain true to the brand’s heritage. We didn’t want to start from scratch and create a whole new brand. Instead, our goal was to give We-Vibe a visual refresh, and to adjust and improve brand elements for digital usage.

Part of this process was to streamline some of the brand elements. For example, icons demonstrating product features will now be consistent across products. If a product is waterproof, there is one “universal” waterproof icon for the whole range of We-Vibe products.

The We-Vibe refresh also introduced a We-Vibe “supersign,” a short-form version of the logo (visually, it is styled as a “WV”). It’s helpful when a logo is needed but space is limited, like in small applications, apps, social media, video content, etc.

Touch X Green Velvet

SE: What is We-Vibe attempting to achieve with this rebranding; or what is the message We-Vibe is getting across to consumers with this rebrand?
KEATING: We-Vibe inspires and enhances intimate play experiences for every body through tech-forward innovations. As a brand, we want people to feel empowered to try new things, explore new boundaries and develop powerful, intimate connections with each other.

Our refresh is sleek and modern to reflect our commitment to technical innovations and appeal to both our loyal and new customers.

SE: What was the impetus for this rebranding? What were you hearing about customer feedback that led to this? What about other external factors that may have contributed to this decision?
KEATING: Brands grow and evolve over time, and we felt it was time for We-Vibe to do so as well. The industry continues to develop rapidly, and we want to make sure we are constantly meeting our customers’ needs and expectations of us as a premium brand.

The refresh includes changes that both better reflect the goals and values of We-Vibe and cements us as industry leaders who take pride in not only improving, but leading the industry in inclusivity and diversity.

“It was important for We-Vibe to remain true to the brand’s heritage. We didn’t want to start from scratch and create a whole new brand. Instead, our goal was to give We-Vibe a visual refresh, and to adjust and improve brand elements for digital usage.” — Stephanie Keating

SE: Is there a specific product(s) that is impacted most by this rebranding? If so, what and why?
KEATING: Our most recent launches feature the new packaging design. Going forward, every future We-Vibe product launch will feature the new packaging design as well.

Currently, the following products feature the new We- Vibe packaging:
Tango X Cherry Red (SKU: SNTTSG3)
Tango X Midnight Blue (SKU: SNTTSG6)
Touch X Crave Coral (SKU: SNTCSG4)
Touch X Green Velvet (SKU: SNTCSG6)
Moxie Satin Black (SKU: SNXM1SG9)
Jive Electric Pink (SKU: SNJV1SG3)

Moxie Satin Black

Please contact your WOW Tech representative or authorized distributor to place an order for these We-Vibe products, and keep an eye out for even more in-store POS merchandising materials featuring the new We-Vibe brand visuals coming this spring. New We-Vibe digital assets can be downloaded from WOW Tech’s new Media Library. If you’re a WOW Tech partner or retailer, you can register for an account at medialibrary.wowtech.com.

For more information, visit wowtech.com or medialibrary.wowtech.com.

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