We-Vibe provides The Next Thrilling Bond


(Note: This story appears in the October 2021 issue of Storerotica Magazine)

We-Vibe’s Bond is even more exciting than a spy-soaked adventure, will leave users shaken and stirred, and is at its most pleasurable when worn discreetly. 

The name is Bond. We-Vibe Bond.

No, this isn’t a line to some kinky redux of the newest Daniel Craig/James Bond flick “No Time to Die.” But it may be time to stock up on the newest offering from We-Vibe. Just as dapper as its tuxedoed namesake, We-Vibe Bond is an adjustable, remote or app-controlled wearable stimulation ring that extends foreplay and builds anticipation.

“When creating Bond, we wanted to create a product that adapts the best of We-Vibe, uses premium materials and offers stunning vibration functions, in a wearable design option for penis owners that can be controlled on the go through the remote or the app,” says Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment for We-Vibe. “This offering was not in the market until now.”

Wearables are a fast-growing market sector — both mainstream and in the world of adult retail. Within their application to intimacy, wearables provide a constant wave of teasing sensations as well as a quality of discretion that adds to the tease.

Add in the fact Bond is compatible with the WeConnect app, and this stimulation ring fits any and every scenario in a potential user’s life. But, like James, this Bond is not meant to be taken lightly.

“With wearable toys, most people fail to recognize that their goal is not climax,” says Rief. “(Bond’s) subtle but pleasant stimulation helps reduce stress and anxiety, or build excitement, through pleasure. Because of this, Bond was created for more experienced users, as it is ultimately meant to stimulate the perineum and create a sense of teasing that may not be appealing or satisfying for newer sex toy users.”

“We see wearables evolving in a user-centric direction, where technologies currently available for non-wearable sex toys can find a way of being used ‘on the go.’”  — Johanna Rief

Despite increasing popularity, Rief says wearables are still a treasure trove of untapped potential.

“There’s still so much to explore and create with the current technologies we have,” she says about the wearables category within the landscape of adult and sexual wellness products. “This is the only wearable for penis owners that can be adjusted with extra custom fit links, allowing the perfect fit no matter the wearer’s shape or size. Bond’s Custom fit link system also means the device is ultra-simple to put on or remove.”

Bond’s simple application shouldn’t belie the varied opportunities it presents.

As mentioned, Bond is meant to be discreet and worn, if so desired, in daily life or special occasions to provide pleasure on the go. It’s exciting and intriguing at the same time. What’s more is Bond’s compatibility with the We-Connect app.

The app is We-Vibe’s answer to the pandemic, taking digital intimacy to unimagined levels.

Users can pair the app with some of We-Vibe’s most popular toys — including Bond — to spark adventurous play and rekindle and lost passion.

“With remote-controlled wearables, it takes the fun of connected toys outside of the bedroom,” says Rief. “Discrete sex toys that can be worn anywhere are especially popular among adventurous couples looking for that extra excitement. In the future, we see the potential of wearables to become even smarter and provide the wearer with additional health information. That way, the vibration patterns can automatically be adjusted to the wearer, their personal preferences and even fitness level.”

Who knew playtime could be so rewarding?

Bond itself is a perfect complement to the We-Vibe Moxie, which is the company’s wearable panty vibrator. Moxie nestles comfortably and securely in underwear for secret, on-the-go fun, held in place with a magnetic clip. Users can pair Moxie with the We-Connect app to send whisper-quiet teasing vibrations, whenever and wherever they (or their partner) may be.

“Both products allow discreet partner play to reach new heights, no matter if it’s in the bedroom, a concert or out to dinner,” says Rief.

Bond and Moxie are both part of a shift in wearable sex toys. Much like Apple keeps redefining what a watch can do, so do wearables keep extending their pleasure prowess.

“We see wearables evolving in a user-centric direction, where technologies currently available for non-wearable sex toys can find a way of being used ‘on the go,’ says Rief. “A lot of people think about new technologies such as AI and machine learning as the only possible next frontier for innovation. While we do extensive research in all innovation fields, at We-Vibe we think we can provide a lot more immediate value to users by innovating over existing tech before we get to less developed fields that haven’t yet found clear user benefits in most other consumer industries.

“Bond is a perfect example of that,” she continues, “taking We-Vibe’s renowned technology and turning it into something new, but also something useful.”

For more information, visit we-vibe.com.

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