The Social Network got a lot more sociable recently, when Magic Silk and Male Power “took over” the Sex Professionals and Manufacturers Facebook page. The combined companies dominated the SPAM site with images of their best-selling products, a behind-the-scenes look at the headquarters of the intimate apparel giant, and a series of casual interviews with their amazing staff members.

SPAM was created by Megan Swartz, a creative dynamo and the Director of Purchasing for Déjà Vu Love Boutique/Janra. The site is designed to inform retail sales associates about exciting new products that are being introduced, and existing product lines that are being expanded and improved. Manufacturers are encouraged to post the latest news and information about their companies for the benefit of retailers throughout the intimate apparel industry.

Magic Silk/Male Power was the first lingerie company to participate in a SPAM Facebook Takeover. For five successive days, from March 8-12, visitors to the page were given an enlightening and sometimes lighthearted close view of this industry leader. Video postings were created by their talented graphics department, and presented a brief history of Magic Silk and Male Power prior to and following their merger. Included were rare photos of Male Power founder Sam Baker dating back to the 1970s, and images of Magic Silk’s humble beginnings in the basement of President Jeffrey Baker’s home. Members of the Male Power team (Ron, MaryBeth and Miss Liz) and the Magic Silk team (Dina, Dave, and Lori) spoke about their jobs, their interests and their families.

The week kicked off with a Facebook live chat conducted by Barbara, the “smile behind the style” of Exposed lingerie, and a live staff meet and greet including Jeff Baker himself, the “man behind the Magic.” Taking a page from Oprah, Jeff rewarded all of the event participants with free samples of their best-selling Bamboo garments.

“Expose The Power,” a provocative pop quiz, was the first game of the week. Page viewers really knew their sexy stuff because three winners emerged in less than five minutes. The day ended with “Lingerie Lingo and Jockstrap Jabber,” a live presentation by Blanca, the company Field Sales and Training Representative who helped organize and oversee the entire event. She conveyed basic but essential information about lingerie and intimate apparel.

During the remainder of the week, the team discussed and educated retailers about the many different lines that are now available, including Exposed, Male Power, Sexy Time and Lust. They conveyed valuable information on such top selling collections as Costumes/Novelties, Men’s Fetish, Bamboo, and the extremely popular Exposed Seamless garments.

Blanca provided training on top selling points and marketing for each collection. Daily games from Tuesday to Thursday included “Panty Raid Word Search,” “Bondage Bingo” and “Jock Strap Jeopardy.”

The biggest challenge of the week was a Display Contest, where participants were encouraged to show their creativity. The two top prizes went to Anjanette from Enchantasys in Ramsey, Minnesota for her brick and mortar design; and Kriszy Nicole, CEO of NaughtyDreams.com and half of the podcast duo Naughty Cherry, for her website layout. More than 45 prizes were awarded in all, ranging from gift cards to panties, jockstraps and bamboo — a lot of booty for the boutique.

“We offer sincere thanks to Megan Swartz and SPAM for making our Takeover a total success,” says Baker. “It was a very exciting week, and created excellent opportunities for our valued customers and talented staff to get to know each other.”

Swartz was equally enthusiastic about the experience, proclaiming that “we had a wonderful week with Blanca learning all things Magic Silk and Male Power. She invested so much time and effort and it was very much appreciated. A tremendous amount of planning goes into these takeovers, and we thank your entire team for keeping it fun and fast-moving!”

For more information about Magic Silk and Male Power, visit their websites:

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