Wild Flower Is Redefining Sexual Wellness in 2021


Wild Flower, the sexual wellness boutique e-tailer has undergone transformational changes as a brand since 2017. The reinvented brand now includes a visual brand overhaul and a renewed commitment to justice and inclusion, working with budding partners such as The Brownsville Project and Passionfruit Farms to educate, empower, and ultimately liberate historically marginalized groups such as Black, indigenous, nonbinary and trans people.

“It’s been amazing to see how Wild Flower has been able to push the sex and pleasure industry towards being more inclusive and less focused on gender. While we still have a long road ahead of us, we are extremely encouraged by the reception to and adoption of the new standards we are setting as a brand. We will continue to push the boundaries of how society views pleasure,” says Nick Boyajian, Wild Flower Co-Founder and COO.


The revamped Wild Flower brand is about more than just bringing new life to the website, but also to show people that sex isn’t “sleek” or “minimalist;” sex is and should be human and messy. Additionally, Wild Flower’s new look demonstrates that sex toys are not for particular types of bodies, but are meant for people regardless of their body.

“Our goal was to create something sophisticated yet approachable and human — using soft gradients and organic forms to lean in to the emotional aspects of sex – like joy, vulnerability, delight, curiosity, and connection – and create a brand world that feels warm and sensual,” Katie Klencheski Founder SMAKK. “There is an incredibly wide range of different experience and comfort levels when it comes to sex. Wild Flower’s bold yet thoughtful new identity and messaging communicates that all levels should feel welcome, safe, and confident to explore their bodies and their pleasure.”


Off the heels of the launch of their new website, Wild Flower is also working on new products based on the belief that sex toys should be designed for all bodies.

“After being involved in the pleasure industry for years, in a sex worker capacity and now as CEO of Wild Flower, I’ve learn that any innovations we are trying to make need to be built from listening to our community. We are never simply trying to create products; instead we’re trying to fulfill needs and solve issues so that sex can be more pleasurable, accessible, and fun,” says Amy Boyajian, Wild Flower Co-Founder and CEO.


The founders of Wild Flower, Amy Boyajian and Nick Boyajian have masterfully applied their experience with sex work and technology to elevate the brand to a true sexual health destination. The sex toy e-tailer is now also a sex toy manufacturer, establishing a multi-national sexual wellness community, where their loyal followers can receive education, empowerment, and information and resources related to social justice issues.

Driven by Amy’s professional experience as an independent dominatrix and pleasure educator the product design and educational community is often a result of their direct understanding of the general lack of education about sexual health and pervasive culture of fear and shame when it comes to sex. Amy uses their practical experience in sex work to ensure the products are developed in a manner that supports the way people really enjoy sex. Amy is also adamantly about ensuring all products and education and discourse in the community promotes safety, empowerment, and healing.

As the technologist behind the brand’s innovative product development, design, and production, Nick ensures the brand is always innovating in the sex toy space and pushing the limits of the industry. With the proprietary design and launch of the Enby, Nick helped spearhead an industry-wide movement towards more genderless sexual wellness products.

Nick has also led the brand’s commitment to the liberation of marginalized people. Coming from an Armenian family who escaped the Armenian genocide only to later experience discrimination through the United States criminal justice system, Nick has helped lead the brand’s endowments to nonprofit initiatives, such as The Brownsville Project, to promote justice reform and liberate those who have been victimized by systemic inequality.

To learn more about Wild Flower’s rebrand and philanthropic commitments, visit www.wildflowersex.com/about.

To join Wild Flower’s community, visit www.instagram.com/wildflowersex.

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