Williams Trading Co. Adds New Cocktail Inspired Line of Lubricants From Little Genie Productions


Williams Trading Co., is pleased to announce the addition of Little Genie Productions’ new line of cocktail-inspired lubricants – Swish.

LITBT1000 Swish Screaming Orgasm 4oz
LITBT1001 Swish Manhattan 4oz
LITBT1002 Swish Mojito 4oz
LITBT1003 Swish Strawberry Margarita 4oz
LITBT1004 Swish Sex On The Beach 4oz
LITBT1005 Swish Screaming Orgasm 2oz
LITBT1006 Swish Manhattan 2oz
LITBT1007 Swish Mojito 2oz
LITBT1008 Swish Strawberry Margarita 2oz
LITBT1009 Swish Sex On The Beach 2oz

Free of parabens, mineral oil, petroleum products, and animal products, the Swish line of flavored lubricants is pH balanced and formulated with top shelf ingredients.

Named for popular cocktails, each lubricant in the Swish line evokes its cocktail with flavors of blue raspberry, cherry, mint, strawberry, and tropical fruit. Each of the five flavors are available in both 2 oz and 4 oz sizes, and the sleek white bottles that feature a simple logo and an image of the cocktail “flavor” are at once clean and eye-catching.

“Everyone loves flavored lubes, and the cocktail theme of the Swish line offers consumers a playful addition to their bedroom play,” says Scott D, Director of Sales and Marketing at Williams Trading Co.

Williams Trading Co., customers can contact their sales rep for more information about this new line of products, or order through the Williams Trading Co website.

Little Genie Productions is committed to turning out products that promote fun and enhance intimacy since 1999. The Little Genie Productions brand is synonymous with quality and the encouragement of playful, intimate encounters.

For ordering and product information, call a Williams Trading Co. Sales Representative at 800-423-8587 or visit www.williamstradingco.com  For drop shipment and e-commerce support please visit https://dropship.williamstradingco.com/.

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