Seven years ago, Womanizer revolutionized the sexual wellness industry by developing the first product that stimulates the sensitive nerve endings of the clitoris with gentle air waves. With the development of the patented and innovative “Pleasure Air Technology,” the brand has proven to be an innovative leader and created a completely new category in the industry. Now comes another world first: PREMIUM eco, a biodegradable and recyclable version of the best-selling Womanizer PREMIUM. As part of its continued efforts towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly sexual wellness industry, Womanizer is releasing the eco on Earth Day, available in-stores and online for $199 USD.

The PREMIUM eco’s pre-launch crowdfunding campaign to gauge interest in biodegradable sex toys exceeded its goal and raised $25,000 USD, all of which will be donated to the environmental charity, One Tree Planted.

The PREMIUM eco toy is inspired by the best-selling Womanizer PREMIUM, which has been reengineered using sustainable materials and a more thoughtful approach to minimizing waste. Instead of ABS, the product is made of Biolene—a bioplastic made from 70 percent natural materials (mainly cornstarch), making it biodegradable and recyclable. Additionally, the PREMIUM eco features a replaceable and rechargeable battery, which extends the product’s runtime. Because of the modular design, the toy can be easily disassembled compared to other products, and the individual parts can be composted or recycled, according to the applicable guidelines[1]. The packaging is 100 percent plastic-free and is made of FSC paper, which can also be recycled. Included with the eco is a shortened charging cable—using less plastic than typical models, a protective bag made of 100% organic cotton and a brief instruction manual.

The PREMIUM eco features Womanizer’s Pleasure Air technology, promising a new kind of stimulation and an extraordinary orgasm. The PREMIUM eco is splash-proof, comes in a rose color design, has 12 intensity levels and is equipped with the Smart Silence function, meaning once activated, the product will stay in standby mode and not start stimulation until it makes contact with the skin.

“The sexual wellness industry has grown immensely in recent years and the products are gaining more and more social acceptance. We can’t ignore the fact that growth in the industry means more product—and plastic—out in the world,” says Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Womanizer. “As an industry, we must continue to improve on our work to find long-term solutions for the plastic waste and environmental impacts caused by our product production for the sake of the planet and future generations. The PREMIUM eco is the first of many steps Womanizer will take to become a more sustainable company.”

Product details

  • Material: Biolene
  • Patented Pleasure Air Technology
  • Smart Silence function
  • Replacable battery
  • Recyclable due to modular design
  • 12 intensity levels
  • Splash-proof
  • Price: USD 199
  • Color: Rose

At the end of March, Womanizer launched a global crowdfunding campaign to prove the demand for sustainable sex toys and lead the charge of a new direction for the industry. Womanizer donated the entire amount raised to One Tree Planted[2] and will work with the organization to plant a tree for every purchase of the PREMIUM eco as part of its continued efforts to better the planet for future generations.

Interviews with Johanna Rief are available upon request and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We recommend pairing the PREMIUM eco with pjur lubespecifically the pjur WOMAN AQUA as it is water-based making it safe to use with your favorite pleasure products, including the eco!

For more information about Womanizer and its family of products, visit Womanizer.com.

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