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ZALO USA is featured on in an article published yesterday titled “How One Sex Tech Brand Utilizes Swarovski Crystals, Gold Accents To Fight Masturbation Stigma,” written by Jackie Bryant.

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In the article, Bryant notes how the pandemic has inspired a need to indulge among consumers — which has translated to an increase of interest in pleasure products that enable people to indulge in healthy solo sexual pleasure.

Peter Ovsonka, president and CEO of ZALO USA, tells Forbes, “There’s been a growing awareness surrounding self-care, which we’ve seen is helping consumers to overcome shame and stigma around masturbation and pleasure. As this intimate form of self-care becomes more widely accepted, so does treating oneself to a luxury pleasure product that caters to individual desires.”

Highlighting ZALO’s intuitive engineering, top-of-the-line craftsmanship, and unique functions such as pre-heating, Bluetooth connectivity and whisper-quiet motors, the Forbes contributor made special note of the brand’s most innovative proprietary tech such as PulseWave that delivers the most deeply penetrating vibrations and PowerThrust technology. Bryant noted how ZALO’s thruster’s high-performance motor systems and precision electric drive create a frequency of up to 40 times per second.

The Forbes article also introduces ZALO’s latest addition to its bestselling Legend Series. Bess is a clitoral vibrator that uses DirectPower vibration transmission technology to concentrate stimulation on the clitoris more powerfully.

“In addition to tech, they are also just nice to look at,” Bryant writes. “ZALO indulges in opulent aesthetics and includes details like gold plating, jewelry-grade enamel details, Swarovski crystals, and silky food-grade silicone. Taking the luxury concept a step further, Zalo features collections called ‘Legend and ‘Versailles,’ with product names like ‘Queen,’ ‘Hero,’ ‘Marie,’ and ‘Confidence.’”

The article also features feedback from erotic educator Taylor Sparks, who recently added ZALO’s lineup to her online shop, Organic Loven. She credits the ZALO brand for promoting sex positivity through stylish luxury items.

“ZALO has taken a simple masturbation toy and used design elements such as gold and crystals to make it less intimidating by giving it a touch of luxury,” Sparks told Forbes. “Some masturbation toys that look very phallic in nature can trigger thoughts of shame because ‘good girls’ don’t masturbate or seek to pleasure themselves.”

By combining superior quality with beauty and stylish designs, Sparks says ZALO is helping consumers embrace sexual wellness.  “If it looks beautiful and luxurious, then it can’t be wrong,” she says. “It works for some who may be still struggling with the sexual shame brought on by religion or culture.”

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